Today, many religious are working for the bible prophecy occur...


But we want to reveal something very serious:


God the Father,  do not want the prophecy to occur, on the contrary.


Watch as we will prove:


Religious you, that is in approving your heart, the coming of the flood of fire, the third world war, the mother of the apocalypse (Apocalipse 6:1-17).


You fell in error operation read up devil operation ( 2 Tessalonicenses 2:11 ).


Are you thinking that you are pleasing God by delivering our planet to destruction?


Woe to you who long for the day of the lord! why do you long for the day of the Lord? That day will be darkness, not light. It will be as though a man fled from a lion only to meet a bear, as though he entered his house and rested his hand on the wall only to have a snake bite him. Amós 5:18,19.


Led by the devil, religious are making Bible prophecy come true. Which is totally contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ.


Pay attention to what I will say:


When God gave the scripture to Jonah what did God want?


And the word of the Lord came to Jonah a second time, saying, Up! go to Nineveh, that great town, and give it the word which I have given you. Jonas 3:1,2 .


What would make God happy?




God's happiness would be that Jonah would succeed in his preaching and Nineveh would not be destroyed.


God passed scripture for Jonah to save Nineveh.


But what did Jonah do?


Jonah delivered the scripture, with divine determinations, in the worst possible way, to condemn the ninevites to destruction and death.


But against Jonah's expectations, the ninevites repented and fulfilled divine determination.


And Jonah greatly displeased, seeing that Nineveh had not been destroyed, complained to God, saying:


... O Lord, is this not what I said when I was still in my country? This is why I took care to go in flight to Tarshish: for I was certain that you were a loving God, full of pity, slow to be angry and great in mercy, and ready to be turned from your purpose of evil. So now, O Lord, give ear to my prayer and take my life from me; for death is better for me than life. And the Lord said, Have you any right to be angry? Jonas 4:1-4




Jonah didn't care about God's happiness, but about his arrogance as a prophet.


Jonah struggled to the destruction of Nineveh.


Attention now, says the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ:


Exactly Jonah's behavior towards Nineveh has been the behavior of the religious towards humanity.


While God dies on the cross, aiming to deliver us from prophetic determinations.


The religious fight hard for the prophecies of the destruction of humanity to happen, leading us into a process of self-destruction through a world war of nations.   


You, religious, fell into the operation of error. (2 Tessalonicenses 2:11).


You religious who are promoting the prophecies, or you religious who are silent seeing this happen. You will not go to heaven, but to hell.


If you do not prevent the prophecies from occurring, and we are destroyed in the war of nation against nation. You failed your mission.


Therefore, you are the cause of God's unhappiness.


And do not come with this chorus darn!

Ah! Is written!


You snakes, offspring of snakes, how will you be kept from the punishment of hell?Mateus 23:33. It was written so that you religious would not let it happen.


Now! in the name of Jesus Christ, do not let it happen.


For if this happens, all will fall into the hands of the devil; For all who have done so have become the unhappiness of God and the reason for his crucifixion.


And this is the reason why humanity is being destroyed: The light has come into the world and men have more love for the dark than for the light, because their acts are evil. João 3:19,


I give you orders, before God and Christ Jesus, who will be the judge of the living and the dead, and by his revelation and his kingdom; Be preaching the word at all times, in every place; make protests, say sharp words, give comfort, with long waiting and teaching; For the time will come when they will not take the true teaching; but, moved by their desires, they will get for themselves a great number of teachers for the pleasure of hearing them; And shutting their ears to what is true, will be turned away to belief in foolish stories. But be self-controlled in all things, do without comfort, go on preaching the good news, completing the work which has been given you to do. For I am even now being offered, and my end is near. I have made a good fight, I have come to the end of my journey, I have kept the faith: 2 Timóteo 4:1-7.

Therefore, I have spoken all these truths, seeking your help in the struggle to prevent humanity from falling into religious deception and leading humanity into the third world war of nations.


I'm doing my part.


The Holy Spirit of Truth expects you to do your part as well.


To live is Christ and to die is gain.  Filipenses 1:21.

From the capital of Faith, by the power of the Holy Spirit of Truth, João Joaquim Martins. A servant of the servants of the Lord Jesus Christ.





 Bem-vindo ao Livro do Espirito Santo Verdadeiro

Welcome to the book of the true Holy Spirit






Bienvenido al libro del verdadero Espíritu Santo





Se me amais, guardai os meus mandamentos. E eu rogarei ao Pai, e ele vos dará outro Consolador, para que fique convosco para sempre; O Espírito de verdade, que o mundo não pode receber, porque não o vê nem o conhece; mas vós o conheceis, porque habita convosco, e estará em vós. João 14:15-17

If you have love for me, you will keep my laws. And I will make prayer to the Father and he will give you another Helper to be with you for ever, even the Spirit of true knowledge. That Spirit the world is not able to take to its heart because it sees him not and has no knowledge of him: but you have knowledge of him, because he is ever with you and will be in you. João 14:15-17.

Si me amáis, guardad mis mandamientos; y yo rogaré al Padre, y os dará otro Consolador, para que permanece con vosotros para siempre: Al Espíritu de Verdad, al cual el mundo no puede recibir, porque no le ve, ni le conoce; pero vosotros le conocéis; porque permanece con vosotros, y será en vosotros. João 14:15-17.


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